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Helping Growers Work with Nature

At Soil-Ing we utilize the principles of Regenerative Agriculture to help growers of all sizes to implement best practices when it comes to increasing their outputs while minimizing their inputs.

Our Values

Soil-Ing is guided by a set of core values rooted in regenerative agriculture principles. We prioritize animal integration, covering the soil, and maintaining living roots year-round, while minimizing soil disturbance and chemicals, to ensure sustainable and thriving soil health for our clients.

Natural Processes

Scalable Growth

Increased Profits

Our Story

From Wastewater to Soil Regeneration

Our team consists of 5th-generation farmers and professionals in wastewater and microbiology. We have a passion for building soil through regenerative practices and teaching growers how to work with nature instead of against.

Regen Ag

The 6 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture

Animal Integration

Introducing animal impact to disturb the soil seed bank, increase fertilization through manure and assist with carbon sequestration by rotation

Cover Your Soil

Having no bare soil exposed and always have a type of mulch or living plant covering the soil

Living Roots Year Round

Having something growing constantly

Minimum Soil Disturbance

Reducing tillage as much as possible

Minimum to No Chemicals

Weaning off your reliance on chemicals to an endgoal of zero chemical inputs


Customizing a strategy based on your needs.

Our Vision

Building the World
From the Ground Up

In a world where the average person has no idea where their food comes from, Soil-ing is here to change that. We believe that growers have the power to heal our planet, and we’re dedicated to teaching them how. Soil-ing Consulting is on a mission to help growers transition away from unsustainable farming practices and towards regenerative agriculture – a process that heals the earth, produces healthier food, and builds community resilience. Our team of experts provides growers with the tools they need to improve soil health, increase yields, and protect our environment. We believe that through education and best management practices, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet. Our goal is to create a world where everyone knows their food comes from dirt, and we’re well on our way. 

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