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Revitalizing Agriculture, Nurturing the Earth: Discover the Soil-ing Difference in Regenerative Farming.

We Have One Goal

To Show the World How to build soil

Welcome to Soil-ing, where our passion for the earth meets innovative agricultural practices. Founded by a team of 5th-generation farmers and experts in wastewater and microbiology, we are a consulting company dedicated to revolutionizing the way we think about farming and soil health. At the heart of our mission is regenerative agriculture – a method that not only sustains but enriches our soil, creating a harmonious balance between nature and farming. Our approach is rooted in principles that prioritize soil coverage, maintain living roots year-round, and minimize soil disturbance, all while reducing chemical usage. By integrating animals into the agricultural cycle and customizing strategies to meet the unique needs of each client, we aim to educate and transition growers from traditional practices to more sustainable, earth-healing techniques. Join us in our journey to nurture the planet, one farm at a time, fostering healthier food, communities, and a resilient environment for future generations.

Our Discovery

Regenerative agriculture is a transformative approach to farming and food systems that goes beyond sustainability. It’s about actively rejuvenating the soil, water, and biodiversity of our agricultural landscapes.

This method focuses on techniques like cover cropping, reduced tillage, crop rotation, and integrating livestock, which work together to enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and improve the water cycle. The importance of regenerative agriculture lies in its ability to combat climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil, while simultaneously increasing crop yields and resilience to climate variability. By restoring the natural health and vitality of the soil, regenerative agriculture holds the key to a future of abundant, nutritious food, thriving ecosystems, and a stable climate. It’s not just about growing food; it’s about cultivating an ecosystem that sustains and enriches our planet for generations to come.

Our Mission

At Soil-ing, our mission is to lead the transformation in agricultural practices towards a more sustainable and resilient future. We are committed to empowering farmers and agricultural communities with the knowledge and tools of regenerative agriculture.

By integrating time-honored wisdom with innovative techniques, we strive to rejuvenate soil health, enhance biodiversity, and reduce environmental impact. Our goal is to create a harmonious balance between productive farming and ecological stewardship, ensuring that we not only meet the needs of the present but also enrich the land for future generations. Through our dedicated efforts, we envision a world where agriculture is a key contributor to a healthier planet and a thriving global community.

Grown With Love on Our Farms

As stewards of the land, we have the power and responsibility to shape a healthier future. At Soil-ing, we don’t just cultivate crops; we cultivate hope, nurturing the soil to give back more than we take. Our commitment goes beyond farming—it’s about sowing the seeds of change for a sustainable world.

Donald Smith Jr

Soil-Ing Founder

The Soil-Ing Team

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Marketer and Herbal Medicine Enthusiast

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Environmental Science Nerd


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